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Architectural Metals

Sarabi Studio is happy to offer general contractors and architects the same level of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail found in our furniture pieces at your commercial job site. Sarabi Studio architectural metals division provides metal cladding, custom stainless steel, glass and cable railings, custom hardware, doors and many other types of specialty metal fabrication and architectural metals to some of the nations top custom builders, commercial general contractors and leaders in architectural design. We specialize in blackened steel and weathered corten steel fabrication and installation. 
Our shop capabilities include plate shearing up to 10' long and 1/4" thick, CNC Plasma Cutting both for our projects and as a service, a diverse cutting line offering sawing up to 16" beams, welding and brazing of all processes for a variety of metals and much more. We also offer mobile welding and repair services for the job emergencies. 

The following images are just a few examples of our architectural metal work projects. Contact our studio today to discuss your custom furniture project or schedule a design consultation.
Click these links to shop some of our stock product lines:

GLG Austin Offices - Architectural Design by: Clive Wilkinson Architects (design architect) and STG Architects (architect of record). *Photo by Casey Dunn Photography 

Architectural feature wall for large Houston firm - designed in collaboration with Gensler Houston office

KSM Austin Office - Architectural design by Harvey Ellis Devereaux *photo by Sarabi Studio
KSM Austin Office - Architectural design by Harvey Ellis Devereaux  *photo by Sarabi Studio
Heron Creek Restrooms - Designed by Mell Lawrence Architects *photo by Sarabi Studio
Atlassian - 303 Colorado Tower Podium Stair - Designed by Lauckgroup *photo by Sarabi Studio
Research Park V - Designed by STG Architects  *photo by Sarabi Studio
Research Park V - Designed by STG Architects  *photo by Sarabi Studio
Under Armour Elevator Lobby Metal Cladding - Designed by Lauckgroup  *photo by Sarabi Studio
Bazaar Voice - Designed by Lauckgroup
Balfour Beatty Austin Offices - Designed by Gensler  *photo by Sarabi Studio

Plate Steel Cladding - Private Residence *photo by Patrick Y WongACC highland Mall Campus *photo by Sarabi Studio

ACC Highland Mall Campus *photo by Sarabi Studio

INC Research - Designed by Gensler  *photo by Sarabi Studio

Private Residence Metal Work *photo by Sarabi Studio

Plate steel vent hood and edge grain solid walnut counter top hand crafted by Sarabi Studio - Private residence 


 Custom plate steel stair

 3/16" plate steel treads/risers

 4" X 6" stringer

 Natural waxed finish 
















powder coated aluminum planters - Frost Bank Tower Lobby Austin, TX Designed by Lauckgroup

Custom Plate Steel Planters    


Custom Plate Steel Planters    

Roof terrace seating, planters and integrated stainless steel coffee table / fire pit - Designed by Sarabi Studio

Powder coated steel planters - Nakonah Austin

Plate Steel Planters and Stainless Steel Signage - Designed by Sarabi Studio

Solid Stainless Steel railing system - Designed by James D Larue Architects

We also offer the following:

Custom Coffee Tables including natural wood slab coffee tables
Custom Metal and Glass Doors
Custom Credenza’s
Custom Cabinets and Cabinet Hardware
Custom Benches and Chairs
Custom Dining Tables
Custom Stainless Steel Railings, Custom Cable Railings, Glass Railings
Steel cladding, plate steel fire places
Plate Steel Planters, Plate Steel Retaining Walls
Corten Steel Planters, Corten Steel Retaining Walls
Commercial outdoor seating
Custom Fire Pits, A588 steel fabrication, Weathering steel planters, Weathering steel retaining walls, Division 5 commercial metal work, division 5 fabrication and installation. 

CNC Plasma Cutting Services Austin

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